Content Analysis of Vocational and Technical Textbooks of Sixth and Seventh Grade Regarding Focus on Aspects of Technology

Document Type: Original Article


1 University of Birjand

2 PHD student in Curriculum Planning, Education Department, Faculty of Psychology and Education, Birjand University, South Khorasan, Iran



Objective: There is no doubt that in today’s world knowledge is the foundation of power and wealth. in this paper we tried to analyze the vocational and technical course books of sixth and seventh grades regarding technology factors.
Method: the research method used in this paper was content analysis with a quantitative approach. The research area includes vocational and technical course books of sixth and seventh grades of 2017-2018 academic year. In the analysis process the comparative coding based on five factors of technology was used. In this research the meaning unit is a sentence and the coding units are concepts and pictures of the textbooks.
Results: the findings showed that in the textbooks little attention has been paid to technology factors and in the pictures the focus has not been on developing technology factors. It is recommended that curriculum planners and officials pay more attention to technology development through school textbooks.