Relationship between educational leadership factors and personal characteristics of managers in educational system

Document Type: Original Article


Department of Educational Sciences, Payame Noor University, Tehran, Iran



The present paper examines the relationship between academic leadership factors and personal characteristics of managers in universities and determining the priorities of factors, in terms of fundamental objectives, the data were quantitative and in terms of nature and type of study was survey. The statistical population was all managers of higher education across the country and were selected by using stratified random sampling and the sample size formula 446 people. The measurement tool was a 57-item questionnaire which was sent to experts based on Delphi in three stages and was analyzed by factor analysis of the type of analysis of the principal components. The total validity of the test was 9692.0. Based on the initial determinant, the numerical correlation matrix of non-zero and Bartlett test result was statistically significant less than 0.0001. The agents of the PC and the method of rotation were assigned to a correlated agent, forming a test tear. Finally, the factors influencing the academic leadership of the five experts, which were the main target with the average rating of 15.3 in the first category and interpersonal skills with an average of 88.2 in the last category. Also, some variables with individual characteristics of non-directional relationship, do not have a significant relationship in the overall academic leadership with the type of employment.