Futurology: A New Possibility in Education

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Being worried about encountering an unclear future has motivated humans to think of travel in time. Therefore, from a long time ago, human beings have been interested in being informed about future. As a result, based on their capacity and abilities, they have utilized common devices to speculate the future. In the era of educational science, the advent of modern social education, changing cultural values, pace of change resulted from improvement in communication technology, the rise in influence rate of newfound media locally and internationally, etc. has made futurology an obligation in this system; hence, creating a structural opportunity to look toward the future and investigate the effective factors in formation of future, future studies make it possible to provide new capacities and abilities and using the chances in future. The method of research used in this study is review, from the descriptive type and is formed by going through related sources, documents and studies.
Key words: education, research method, futurology, futurology methods.