Developing and validating of talent management test in education based on Davies model

Document Type: Original Article


1 Neyshabur Islamic Azad University

2 University of Birjand


Background: Nowadays, organizations are fully aware that, to be successful in this complicated world and remain in business environment, it is necessary to have the most talented persons in their organization. “Talent management” is defined as a systematic and dynamic process of exploration and maintenance of talented individuals. Talent management is important in education. Because, school as human centered organizations, should identify and develop talented students and teachers.
Objectives: The purpose of this study is developing and validating talent management test based on Davies model. Davies in his book defined a model as key dimensions of talent management with four components: value, personal characteristic, working with others and strategic acumen.
Methods: The recent paper is descriptive- correlative regarding data gathering and its goal is applicable. Statistical populations are 311 teachers of primary schools of Mashhad. The data were gathered by the questionnaire designed by the researcher. The reliability of the test was defined as 0, 98 in the first run.
Results: After exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis, five components of personal characteristics, professional communication, strategic acumen and strategic leadership defined as factors that impact on talent management.
Conclusions: based on the study, it seems that Educational managers need to review and change the approach to talent management style, and five factors must be considered for successful management of talent in schools.