The Influence of Positive Affect on Students Motivation in both Sport and Academic Achievement

Document Type: Original Article


1 University of Tehran

2 Iran Ministry of sports and Youth


Background: positive emotion causes to pleasure and increases the potential enjoyable activities because it is believed that positive emotion can influence the job motivation, as more important duties have more motivation.
Objectives: this research studies the effectiveness of positive affect induction on the students' motivation in sport and the role of increasing this motivation on Tehran high school students' academic achievements.
Methods: In this study the population included all Tehran high schools. Harter's classroom affect and motivational scale and the Sport Motivation Scale (SMS) were used as the instruments. Generally, 4 groups of students have been chosen. In 3 groups of positive affect induction, the first group watched a comic movie, the second group received a gift and the third group listened to a joke, while the control group didn't receive any change. Again the students' academic achievement motivation and their motivation in sport were tested.
Results: the results showed that positive affect induction had increased the boys' academic achievement motivation significantly but had no effect on the girls'.
Conclusions: This study showed that when the motivation in sport increases the academic achievement motivation increases as well.